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Swarm Sighting??

 If you or a neighbor finds a swarm of bees on your property, don't spray- call us instead! Tidewater Beekeepers Association (TBA) provides FREE swarm removal to all residents in and around Hampton Roads. 

Just call the TBA Swarm Coordinator at 

(757) 285-4509 if you spot a honeybee swarm.

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You're Invited!

The public is invited to attend our monthly meetings. These are generally held each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Towne Hall wing of Towne Bank Located at 137 Mt. Pleasant Rd. Chesapeake, Virginia 23322. see calendar and meeting information below

If you are thinking about becoming a beekeeper or just interested in honeybees, please join us at one of our meetings. (Read more...)

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our next meeting

Tuesday August 1st 2017 at Towne Bank 7:00-9:00pm

137 Mt Pleasant Street Chesapeake VA 23322

Topic: Pest Control in the Hive

Speaker: Bob Schwartz

PLEASE SEE THE full schedule of meetings click on the calendar link



EAS State Director Report.  Karla Eisen, EAS VA State Director, EAS Master Beekeeper

The honey bee, often referred to as the small wonder, is going to be magnificently celebrated at the Eastern Apicultural Society’s (EAS) Annual Summer conference in Newark, Delaware, the other small wonder from July 31st- Aug. 4th 2017.  EAS is the largest non-commercial beekeeping organization in the country and in just a few short months from now, will host their two day “short course” followed by a three-day conference.  Keynote and featured speakers include some of the greats such as Dr. Tom Seeley, Dr. Marla Spivak, Mike Palmer, Larry Conner, and Tammy Horn just to name a few as well as workshops including a few led by VDACS own Keith Tignor and Bob Wellemeyer and many others covering a wide range of topics.  There are opportunities for field trips to a botanical garden, a mansion, or a meadery, a six hour Children’s Beekeeping Academy run by the Bee Girl organization, and you might even find a couple of VSBA members on the program or running the honey show! I am especially pleased to see several Virginia beekeepers volunteering in different capacities at EAS this year. Let’s not forget the honey show. Show me the Honey. Did you know, “you’ve got to be in it to win it?” I encourage each and every one of you to consider entering this competitive honey show while you are at EAS 2017. For more information about EAS see: http://www.easternapiculture.org/

For some fun and informative videos highlighting the EAS experience in all its glory, please see the new VSBA You Tube site located at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChFqpEVxOxVL0PSZl8DC2Pw

go to EAS CONFERENCE 2017 for more information and links

   Tidewater beekeepers association is dedicated to the education and training of beekeepers and the non-beekeeping public which is why our meetings are open, free of charge to anyone interested in beekeeping and helping the honey bee survive. So you may ask why do I want to be a paid member of TBA when meetings are free? Our paid members receive all of the same information from meetings as our non-paid members, but membership gives you so much more.
    Our paid members benefit from being able to be a part of our Nuc program, get on our Swarm call list and use our website's member-only resources, as well as participate in our member social events. One of the most advantageous benefits we offer is the ability to check out and use one of two different honey harvesting kits. This provides a paid member everything they need to extract their honey without investing a considerable amount of money for only a limited number of hives. We are in the process of adding to our member benefits over the next few months.
  In 2017 we plan to formalize our mentor program to make finding a qualified mentor much easier. We are also going to be adding a club bee yard for training and research along with a new series of workshops and classes. TBA will be filming a series of How-To videos that will only be accessible on the members-only pages of our website and this is just the beginning. So we invite you to become a member of Tidewater Beekeepers and join in on all we have to offer.


  Did you join at a recent meeting? WELCOME!!  
Next fill out your profile here on our website to gain access to all the great resources for our members on our members only pages.


TBA has been providing FREE Beekeeping presentations to public schools, garden clubs, Rotary Clubs, Boys and Girls Scouts troops, home school groups, and other organizations in Tidewater for the past 25 years. To request a speaker, click Contact, and choose the event coordinator

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Teaching children about the wonderful world of honey bees go to our Children's Corner Educational Information and Fun for Kids

What does losing honey bees do?

Maybe you could stand to live in a world without honey. But what about almonds, pears, avocados, grapes and -- dare we say -- wine?

Most plants rely on bees and other natural pollinators to produce some of nature's most nutritious and beloved foods.
But pollinators, a diverse group that includes insects and animals such as birds and bats, are under threat because of widespread pesticide use, climate change, the emergence of foreign pests, diseases and habitat loss. Between April 2015 and April 2016, beekeepers in the United States lost 44 percent of their colonies

If you're a beekeeper, farmer or consumer you have something to lose if bees disappear -- and a significant role to play in their survival.

Honey Bee Decline & Crop Loss

TBA Members Advocating Beekeeping (Jason and Mason Mosher, Kristine Smith)

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