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Beekeepers shall:

1. Provide movable frames with combs or foundation in all hives used by them to contain bees, except for short periods, not to exceed the first spring honey flow, and to cause the bees in such hives to construct brood combs in such frames so that any of the frames may be removed from the hive without injuring other combs in such hive; and

2. Securely and tightly close the entrance of any hive in apiaries not free from disease and make the hive tight so that robber bees cannot enter, leave, or obtain honey from the hives as long as the hives remain in a location accessible by honeybees.

5. Private homes where the resident processes and prepares honey produced by his own hives, if: (i) the resident sells less than 250 gallons of honey annually; (ii) the resident does not process and sell other food products in addition to honey, except as allowed by subdivisions 3 and 4; (iii) the product complies with the other provisions of this chapter; and (iv) the product is labeled "PROCESSED AND PREPARED WITHOUT STATE INSPECTION. and WARNING: Do Not Feed Honey to Infants Under One Year Old." Nothing in this subdivision shall increase or diminish the authority of the Commissioner under § 3.2-5102; and

 Processed and Prepared without State Inspection
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Beekeeping Ordinance by City

if you cannot find an ordinance on beekeeping for your city please also check the nuisance laws which often covers keeping bees and other livestock

Limited Liability Virginia

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Beekeeping Best Management Practices

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Office of Plant and Pest Services

P.O. Box 1163

Richmond, VA 23218

Telephone: 804.786.3515

FAX: 804.371.7793

Email: VABees@vdacs.virginia.gov

Website: http://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/plant&pest/apiary.shtml

State Apiarist Keith Tignor

email: keith.tignor@vdacs.virginia.gov

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