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Buy local honey and hive products!

For your health, and the health of our local bee population, think about buying your honey locally. The benefits are numerous. Additionally, purchasing local honey can help you develop an appreciation for the subtle differences in flavor of the different flowers of our region. Did you know that honey from bees foraging canola, cotton, or wildflowers all tastes different? Savor the tastes of the region, help alleviate pollen allergies, help the environment, and support local beekeepers-- all by purchasing local honey!

Members of our club produce honey as well as numerous other products from the hive. These include wax candles, comb honey, beekeeping equipment, and colonies of bees in case you're interested in starting your own colony. 

Also Checkout the American Honey Tasting Society

  • See Map Below for local honey and other bee products
  • Map is approximate location not exact location

If you are a current TBA member and would like to be added to our honey producers map please fill out this form. It may take up to 4 weeks to be added to this map as it is updated monthly.

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