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Helping the honeybee: a local beekeeper tells his story

The Derby Informer-15 hours ago

From far away Abel watched his uncle capture the honey in his makeshift bee suit that consisted of two or three shirts, a couple of overalls, and ...

Putting bees to bed: Overwintering honeybee hives in Alaska

KTVA.com - Anchorage, Alaska-22 hours ago

Barker initially bought bees as pollinators to boost her farm's produce and flowers. She discovered the honey and that it could be put to good ...

Who Is Really to Blame for the Honeybee Deaths?

Agriculture.com-Oct 19, 2016

“It's not just the United States or North America,” says Jerry Hayes, honeybee health lead at Monsanto, previously chief of the apiary inspection ...

Story image for honey bee news from ABC10.com

Meet the honey bee charmer of Citrus Heights

ABC10.com-Oct 20, 2016

You've most likely heard of snake charmers, but probably not a honey bee charmer. Taming bees has been the life's work of Citrus Heights ...

Honey bees a blueberry's best friend

TheChronicleHerald.ca-Oct 23, 2016

In Nova Scotia, work began in the 1940s and 50s at the Agriculture College in Truro examining the importance of honey bees in the cultivation ...

High number of pesticides within colonies linked to honey bee deaths

Science Daily-Oct 7, 2016

Honey bee colonies in the United States have been dying at high rates for over a decade, and agricultural pesticides -- including fungicides, ...

'Safe' fungicides linked to honey bee colony deaths
Zee News-Oct 8, 2016

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Tracking honey bees with big data

Michigan Radio-Sep 27, 2016

You can thank a honey bee for pollinating about one of every three bites of food we eat. But as you've likely heard, bees are in trouble. They're ...

Yes, The Honeybee Is Still In Trouble

Recent media reports make it seem like the bee-pocalypse has been solved. We only wish.

[Photo: Mikael Kristenson via Unsplash]

Adele Peters 10.14.16 12:15 PM

"Call off the bee-pocalypse," read a Washington Post headline in 2015. Another Post article repeated the same argument this month: "the bees are doing just fine."

Read article here: https://www.fastcoexist.com/3064645/yes-the-honeybee-is-still-in-trouble

Can tech keep the world's bees buzzing?

See the BBC Article By Zoe Kleinman

LINK HERE: Can Tech Keep the world's bees buzzing?

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