Swarm Sighting? Don't Spray
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Swarming is a honey bee colony’s natural means of reproduction. In the process of swarming, a single colony splits into two or more distinct colonies.

If you or a neighbor see a swarm of honey bees 


Call us 757-285-4509

We will send a beekeeper to remove the swarm

Swarm removal is different than what is called a cut-out. When bees have moved into a structure or hollow cavity, it is no longer considered a swarm, but is an established colony. A beekeeper will come and remove the bees by cutting them out of the cavity, hence the name cut out. This process is complicated and usually not done for free because of the nature of the removal.

From July 20-August 4, 2021, VDACS will accept applications for the 2021 Beehive Distribution Program, which provides VA residents 18+ with equipment for assembling up to 3 new hives. Recipients will be selected at random from eligible applications

Our next meeting....

We are going to be joining the VSBA’s Speaker Series this month for a fantastic discussion on varroa management programs by Tim Schuler.

TBA has been providing FREE Beekeeping presentations to public schools, garden clubs, Rotary Clubs, Boys and Girls Scouts troops, home school groups, and other organizations in Tidewater for the past 25 years. Tidewater Beekeepers Association provides educational speakers and presentations free of charge to Chesapeake, Virginia Beach & Norfolk Area. To request a speaker please email events@tidewaterbeekeepers.net


About Us

Located in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, we are proud to be one of the oldest beekeeping organizations in the state. We boast an active membership of over 140 Beekeepers of all experience levels, we average around 80 members at each club meeting. We strive to work together to become better stewards of the honey bees we keep as well as inform the public about the importance of this wondrous little creature. To do this, we meet monthly and host a guest speaker to educate the group about different, seasonally relevant aspects of beekeeping. We also volunteer at numerous community events throughout the year to reach out and teach the public about the importance of honey bees in all of our lives. If you are thinking about becoming a beekeeper or just interested in helping honey bees, please join us at one of our meetings which are always open to the public. If you’re just curious about honey bees, our members have a wealth of information and experience that we always share. If you’re thinking about becoming a beekeeper, come to the meeting and find a mentor. It’s never too early to get hands-on experience by apprenticing under an experienced local beekeeper. Stop in, share our passion for bees and nature, and enjoy some coffee and snacks. We look forward to seeing you!