Email Update

We have changed email services for TBA, you shouldn’t see anything different on your end. But if you are not receiving any emails, check your spam/junk folder, and change the settings for this that email. I will provide links on how to change spam settings for gmail and exchange. If you use another provider, contact them or look up their support forums.

Note: We will also send out an email notification, we are aware of the irony.


Happy beekeeping!

Aaron King
TBA Treasurer

Website Change Over

The Website has changed over, but there are still a few housecleaning items that need to be resolved. We estimate the site will be 100% operational Sunday night (3/8/2020). So please bear with us. If you would like to visit the old site go to, . This site will be available until April 4th.


Aaron King
Treasurer, Tidewater Beekeepers Association


Amanda Warren
Webmaster, Tidewater Beekeepers Association