November Meeting

TBA Membership

Due to COVID-19 concerns, this year’s Annual Honey Judging Contest in November is not going to take place.  It’s probably not the best time to get everybody together in a room and put something in our mouths.

Instead, we are planning to conduct another Q & A session with a panel of Master Beekeepers in a ZOOM meeting format with a moderator taking your questions from a chat room.  After doing this for about an hour, we will officially end the session; however, if there are any of the facilitators that are able to remain online, we will go to ‘Brake-Out’ rooms and the membership will have the opportunity to ask specific MBKs in separate rooms questions and continue the conversation.  IT’s been a long time since we’ve had a chance to hold one-on-one, interactive training so this is a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to get your questions answered by our ‘Resident Experts’.

This ZOOM meeting will take place during our regularly scheduled monthly membership meeting on Thursday, November 5th starting @ 7:00pm.  You will be provided with a link to join the meeting.  Any questions or problems connecting, contact: Kristine @ (781) 879-5155.

Another COVID-motivated change for December will be a BONFIRE in lieu of our normal Pot-Luck Christmas Party.  This should be a refreshing change, which will allow socializing while social-distancing in a safer outdoor environment.  We will not conduct the ‘Secret Santa’ event; however, in keeping with the holiday spirit, if some of our members would like to exchange gifts with other members, feel free to do so.

The BONFIRE event will take place on Saturday night, December 5th @ 7;00pm  at Hodgie & Terry’s place at 1401 Land of Promise Road in Chesapeake.  Eat before you come.  TBA will be providing individually-wrapped SMORE ingredients.  Bring your own lawn chairs and smore-roasting utensils.

MARK YOUR CALENDERS! – You don’t want to miss these events!

Winter is Coming… Are you Prepared?

Hey Beekeepers,

YouTube would not let us schedule our premier for 7:00 pm, so we will premier live fifteen minutes earlier at 6:45 PM instead.

Winter is coming… Are you prepared? Today we will discuss emergency feeding demo how to make sugar cakes and bee fondant with Aaron. Then John will discuss winter prep and cluster mechanics. Virginia’s weather is not consistent, and us beekeepers have to develop flexible strategies in order to maintain the welfare of our colonies.

Tonight, 6:45 PM 9/10/2020

Still no in person meeting – Virtual Training: Quick Winter Survival Guide

We got word from TowneBank. They have postponed us using the meeting hall. Therefore we will have another virtual training similar to last month. This months theme? A Quick Guide to Winter Survival. Due to time limitations for filming the virtual training will be held Thursday, Sep 10th at 7:00 PM. We will have officers monitoring the live chat to answer any questions.

Topics Covered

Hive Inspections
Cluster Mechanics

Virtual Training: Hive Treatments

Hey Beekeepers,

Don’t forget to set your calendars for tonight’s virtual meeting. I know our first three were a bit long and we needed better camera work. But this will be different, we have a prerecorded training and its only 30 minutes long. We will be in the chat to answer any questions from 7:00 pm – 7:30 pm.

TBA YouTube Channel

Hive Treatments